Friday, March 25, 2011

The first knitting project of the year that wasn't for anyone else!

A couple of years ago I knit myself a hat and scarf with this great Peruvian wool from Mirasol. I finally knitted a matching pair of fingerless gloves, which I finished just in time for the weather to warm up!  Oh well, next season....

The finished gloves

Palm side with cuff rolled down

Top side with cuff left long

The entire set.
I wear a lot of black, grey and brown and like to coordinate my base with a splash of bright color.

I used a fingerless glove pattern from a Fair Isle class I took with Lori Smith at the Fiber Factory, which she created so I will not repeat it here. You can probably order it by contacting the Fiber Factory.  The hat pattern is a brilliantly simple one from an old Vogue knitting magazine and the scarf is a diagonal rib from Barbara Walker's "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns" which is a no-roll pattern.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Great Friends

We were graced with the presence of two amazing people a few weeks ago.  Becky Williams and Marilou Knight, friends from way back left paradise to come see me.  We had a great time and I am more than determined than ever to start saving my pennies to go see them!  You can see their art and find a link to Becky's music through their website Dragon House Studios.

Becky and Marilou

First we went to the Desert Botanic Gardens

 Then we went to the Phoenix Art Museum (we also went to the Heard but I don't have pics of that)

 where Marilou and I had fun shooting in the Firefly room.

 Then I took them to that little hidden gem of weirdness, the Mystery Castle (RIP Ms. Mary Lou Gulley)

 And final photos are the night before they left. We had an amazing dinner at Tarbell's to send them on their way.

I need a decent flash with a diffuser

Becky took this lovely pic of me and the hairy man :-)

I miss you guys but can't wait for Vegas and Cirque Du Soleil later this year!!!!!