Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life Changes

Well, I've been teaching for South Mountain Community College as an adjunct for 3 rewarding years but 2 weeks before they were set to begin, my classes were given to the new full-time faculty so they would have as close to a full load as possible this fall. So I am a bit adrift at the moment. Polly Smith, metalsmith extraordinaire and head of metals at the Mesa Arts Center where I am one of her residents graciously offered me several more workshops that needed an instructor when the original person had to back out. I am so grateful to Polly for so many things. She's a great person, artist and boss and she's now thrown a net under me twice. The first time was when I'd just finished my tenure at the Phoenix Center for the Arts and had no studio. She offered me the second residency spot when her other resident (I will not mention names) abruptly left. It was perfect timing and I've had such a great experience there since!
So- I'll be offering a much extended line-up of workshops/ classes at MAC this fall. Check out or my Classes page on for more info. Classes start September 8 so if you are interested, sign up soon! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Lazarus Rising (again)

The summer was supposed to be a time for me to catch up on a lot of art and things that I normally don't get to do during the school year, including keeping up with my blog, but somehow, I don't know how, I've gotten so little done! How did I do that and still feel run off my feet most days? Oh well. It is the nature of life and of someone who wears many hats.
I'm re-tooling my blog a bit and will hopefully this fall move it to a Wordpress format when I'm not building sites for other people or teaching... and I'm widening the topic a bit. I will also be posting only once or twice a month since I should be realistic about it and I'm sure I can time manage that if I put it in the day planner :-)
I will be posting about classes I'm teaching, artists I like/ have met, show announcements, talking about art and design in general and including my projects and how-to's. I hope you like it and find it fun and useful. Away we go!