Saturday, May 14, 2011

Computer Aided Design

I haven't talked much about the digital side of my life except to announce when I got a photo in a show but it's not for lack of plenty o digital stuff going on in my life.  I am preparing a web design proposal and while looking for color schemes (I get ahead of myself frequently) for this client I stumbled upon this nifty little website/ app:
Color Scheme Designer

Here's what it looks like
I highly recommend you check this out if you are a designer/ need ideas for color combination/ whatever.  You can select a bunch of different color scheme options such as complementary, triad, analogous, etc. and you can preview a web layout with "Light Page Example" and "Dark Page Example" buttons in the lower right below the combination box at right.  You can adjust the hue and tint, adjust for colorblindness and more.  It's pretty awesome.  Just FYI :-)

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