Friday, July 23, 2010

Okay- yes, I'm soooo late getting back to this

Life has been interesting. I reported last fall that my South Mountain teaching gig had fallen through and I was lucky that Polly, my wonderful boss at the Mesa Arts Center had several classes that needed covering for the fall. I had a free tuition voucher to use from all my community college teaching so I signed up to re-learn Adobe Flash at Mesa Community College thinking I'd have time on my hands to go back to school a little. Well, I was casting about for a part time job and found an ad, somewhat old, on Craig's List for an e-commerce administrator at the Heard Museum here in Phoenix. I figured, since the ad was old, they'd probably already hired someone, but I applied anyway. Did I mention I also do web and graphic design on top of metals? Yep.

Well gosh darn it, I got an email back in a few hours and one thing led to another and I suddenly had a 4 day a week steady gig at the beautiful Heard Museum with benefits, cool id badge and everything! I've been working there since November 2 (finished my MAC classes and the Flash class). I've had Wednesdays off to do freelance/ teach at MAC/ work in the studio but that may change come October because my boss at the Heard wants me to go to 5 days a week. I'm still going to teach at MAC in the evening and I've already told my husband that there are some weekend days that are just going to have to be studio days until we move into our house (did I mention we bought a house right at the bottom of the housing market- fixer-upper but a real steal) and he builds me a studio at home.

Okay, so. This is why I haven't had a chance to get back to the blog. However, my class at Arrowmont made so I am frantically getting ready to teach an introduction to painting enamels, which is a new class for me to teach even though I've been doing it a long time. It's always stressful when it's a new class, even when you know the info. At least I know how I do it. I'm trying to make sure I can cover multiple methods and probably over thinking and over samples-ing the whole thing. I do that :-)

So I'm planning on having photos of the trip and the class to share after mid- August and this has also re-galvanized my resolve to get into the studio more.

And I haven't forgotten I need to post the links to those fabulous enamelists I went to the Grand Canyon with (gasp!) last June! So to end this post, I'm going to include their urls and a pic we took last June (before I wacked my hair off). Hope you enjoy.

Visit and to see some incredible enameled art!

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