Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, I had no idea it had been so long since but my last post, but here's why:

I love this action shot!

Meet Mr. Cutie Pie himself: Ollie at 8 weeks. I adopted him March 27 from a really wonderful young man trying to find good homes for his kitty's babies. I promise Ollie is very loved and spoiled rotten already, Brent! He's sleeping in my lap as I write :-)

Plus this beast was added to the mix 5 days later.

My husband got him from the pound at 8 weeks as well. He's a relatively mellow puppy as puppies go and he is a good natured little guy. He seems to learn fairly quickly but he needs more focused and orderly training b/c I'm washing an awful lot of throw rugs, towels and blankets right now... Oy!
He and Ollie want to play fight all the time but we have to monitor them and make sure puppy doesn't get too rough. Ollie seems to love it but I'm a nervous mommy and I separate them after they start to get too worked up.

Also, two dear friends were in town from Kauai and I got to spend several WONDERFUL days with them. They are very talented artists as well as just all around amazing human beings. Check out their website here.

Aloha Becky and Marilou! I miss you!!!!!
I will get back to my regular topic of conversation ASAP. I've been getting into the studio at least one day a week but there's been no time to post with my schedule and the little ones on top of the normal craziness. But I'll get there :-)

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